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The project is based on the multiplicity of layers of one's dream.

Within the movie inception, in addition to camera angle and

special effects, the philosophy of dreaming was one of the main characteristics

of the plot. Each dream contains multiple levels and layers

simultaneously which are all connected to each other through an invisible

thread. The project adopts the characteristics of a dream and operates

as a dreaming machine-building. Once one walks into the building

he/she explores falling into the sleep level, as he/she proceeds

deeper into the space, the connection to the outside world blurs and

the building itself reveals the spaces layer by layer. There are spaces in

the building that are translated as dream chambers which provide the

circulation from one state of mind to another and a main thick wall

which connects this levels as the space where one travels through different

scenarios while sleeping. In between this layers there are windows

depicting sleep paralysis, where the occupant/dreamer sees the

window but the seen vision is untouchable and incomprehensible.

Finally there is the main dream chamber with the ceiling installation

of levitating lights depicting the weightless moments of the movie

and the REM sleeping period, which is the part of the dream one

remembers after waking up. The window which pierces

through the exterior skin of the building and is the awakening part of

the dream with a view to the Broadway.

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